Seems that most of my energies these days are focused on the small publishing company I started back in 2011. It’s called ArtSource Publishing and so far, we’ve released three books that I’ve written, all dealing with aspects of Greek culture: The Greek Orthodox Wedding Book, Child of Light The Greek Orthodox Baptism Book, and The Official Greek Festival Guidebook. Each of the books feature original illustrations by a noted artist interested in the Greek experience.

I’m also involved in a much more hedonistic activity — the quest for exceptional food. I’ve been consumed by that quest for a long time. If I’m not cooking, I’m usually searching out noteworthy restaurants or new recipes. Of course, I read all I can about food, chefs, restaurants, and the “culinary arts.” It’s become an addiction.

And I travel. Quite a bit. Not as much as Anthony Bourdain, but enough to find out what’s going on in as many of the most interesting food cities as possible. NYC, LA, San Francisco, Paris, Venice, San Sebastian, Athens, Barcelona are some favorite destinations.

This bio wouldn’t be complete unless I told you that I’ve lived in New York City and Washington DC. Loved them both. My previous company, Jameson Broadcast, was in located in DC. It’s where I had considerable fun writing and producing special broadcast features for numerous national publications and corporate sponsors.

Now, I’m living in the small, arts-oriented city of Sarasota, FL with my incredibly talented wife, Trulee Jameson. She’s an artist and a fine art printer. She’s also my long-time business partner and my muse.

Jamie Jameson


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  1. Peter Paul sent this to me. I think your recipe for salmon w/endive and avocados sounds delicious! I’d like to see your three books, too. Bravo for opening your own publishing company! I, too, have published but two books via Authorhouse (self-publishing house): Baby Boomer Blues: Confessions of a Survivor, and Someplace Else: A Voyage to Zodiac Island, as an explanation of astrology to ages 10 and up. I’m glad PP sent this link to me and will follow your blog. Thanks! PS I love your sister’s piano!

      1. Jamie……J’adore tes recettes ….I love Greece since i spent many vacations in this beautiful country…..
        You are a natural epicurean who share recipes…..Thanks to you
        I will expend my home menus

        1. Glad you’re enjoying the recipes Catherine. And it’s good to hear about your fondness for Greece. Have you been lately?

  2. Christ is risen!

    I just came across your two books on Amazon where I am a seller. You share a common heritage with my husband whose father was (Greek) from Symrna, Turkey and mother’s family from an area near Tripolis. I’ll order your books to look them over and share them with a local monastery/bookstore. As a boutique publishing company in the Orthodox Christian world I’m looking for ways to connect with other small publishing companies and sellers. If you are interested drop me an email. (I’m also a foodie;) and like your page here.

    1. Hello, Marie. So glad you contacted me — I’d very much like to hear more about Zoepress and your endeavors.

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